Canon HJ14ex4.3B-IRSE

>>>Canon HJ14ex4.3B-IRSE

Canon HJ14ex4.3B-IRSE

£ 95.00

  • Manual Focus
  • 2x Extender

Product Description

The focal-length range is 4.3-60mm with a minimum object distance of 1′ (0.3 m). This lens comes with a 2x extender for doubling focal length.

Focal Length 4.3 – 60mm
(X2) 8.6 – 120mm
Lens Mount B4
F/T Stop F1.8 to F16
Close Focus 0.3m / 0.98′
Macro Close Focus 10mm / 0.39″
Front Diameter 95mm
Weight 1.99 kg / 4.39 lbs
Length 247.4mm / 9.74″


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