Leica R 100mm Macro F2.8

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Leica R 100mm Macro F2.8

£ 45.00

Leica R 100mm APO Macro Elmarit-R F2.8

Includes custom 1:1 Macro extension tube

Product Description

Leica R 100mm APO Macro Elmarit R. Highly regarded as one of the best macro lenses of all time!
Cine modified with de-clicked aperture, solid / fixed 0.8 pitch focus gear, 80mm front and Canon EF mount.
This lens is supplied with a custom made 1:1 extension tube to allow it to reach full 1:1 Macro ratio. As standard, it will only reach 2:1. To our knowledge, we are the only rental house to offer this option! Close Focus improves from 18″ to 15″ with extension tube.
The classic Leica look on a budget.

Focal Length100mmIncluding Extension
Lens MountEFEF
F/T StopF2.8 to F22+ 1 Stop
Close Focus0.7m / 18″0.38/ 15″
Front Diameter80mm / 3.15″80mm/ 3.15″
Weight0.8 kg / 1.8 lbs1 kg/ 2.2 lbs
Length118mm / 4.64″167mm / 6.6″