Genesis’ Green Pledge for more sustainable business practices


We are joining the pledge encouraging more sustainable and eco friendly business practices in the Kit Rental House industry. Moving forward we aim to eliminate all single use plastic where possible as well as use more environmentally friendly cleaning and kit care products where alternatives are available.

As a result, Genesis are changing the Glass Filter scratch protection bags from single use plastic to fully compostable Glassine bags. We are also eliminating plastic bagging for AA and other size batteries, also switching to Glassine. We will stop using plastic to bag our cables, using instead paper ties, ensuring we still know what has and has not been used on set, allowing our inspections to stay streamlined whilst keeping you safe on set.

We have also researched appropriate alternatives where we do need to create see through barriers or bags and have concluded that any oil-based plastic however biodegradable would be best eliminated altogether. Going forward, we are going to trial plant-based alternatives as and when they become available.

We will also aim to continue to reduce our delivery journeys where possible by keeping to an afternoon and morning run only, keeping our emissions and carbon footprint as low as possible whilst still providing a prompt service. We ask that you help us to do this by finalising kit needs in advance as much as possible or alternatively coming to visit us and collect the equipment from our office.

We are also implementing behind the scenes changes such as changing energy supplier to a 100% renewable energy supplier, complimenting our existing recycling scheme with our local BID network WeAreWaterloo and Green Mile.

We hope you can join us in helping to transform our industry by visiting this website to give you an idea of how you might implement small but impactful changes on your next project.


Thanks for reading!


The Genesis Team

P.S. find the letter and ideas in the PDF below

BECTU Sustainability v1.0