LED ‘HMI’s’, RGB Panels and Tubes

LED’s have become a big part of our lives in the Film and TV industry. From the first incarnations of LED around 15 years ago with Litepanels battery powered daylight 1×1 panels, the LED lighting industry has grown to dominate film practice and trade shows. Long established lighting companies have evolved to incorporate and develop LED technology over the years such as Dedolight, Kino Flo & Arri. Arri have their Skypanels and Orbiter. Kino have updated their Fluorescent tube banks with their Celeb, Select and Freestyle lines. Conventional stand-alone tubes like Encapsulites have been updated by companies like Astera who make RGB LED Tubes and practical’s. Companies like Aputure have even introduced us to high powered COB LED lamps, taking HMI strength lighting power to traditional sets as well as remote battery only locations replacing the likes of sun guns and pocket pars.

GEKKO Kiss Light

Genesis have kept up with LED lighting trends, constantly updating our shelves with the next best thing available. This is why over the past few years we have expanded from Bi-Colour LED panel  lights such as the Velvet VL-1’s & Litepanel Astras to RGB tubes,  RGB panels, flexible panels like the Aladdin’s, as well as hard lights.  However, we still have an original Gekko Kiss light which,  after many years, is the industries only professional LED ring light.

Aladdin Bi-Colour LED Panel

Kino Celeb 250 LED Panel

RGB LED’s have been a huge hit in the industry, with all different types of lighting options from products such as the Arri Skypanel fixtures to Astera Titan Tubes to single hard light heads like the Arri Orbiter, these lights now include many features as standard such as Lighting Gel Pre-sets, FX options, wireless DMX & App control. This has changed the game for productions, all but removing the need for hard wired DMX control panels with yards of wires.

Arri Skypanel S60C

Astera Titan Tubes

Recently, there has also been a huge innovation with COB LED lighting technology. Companies like Aputure, with the C300D and the 600D lines have created LED lights that are so strong they have the equivalent output of a 575w HMI and an 800w HMI respectively. The Bowen-S mount on the front face gives the lights great versatility and we have many modifiers such as Jem ball’s, Fresnel lenses, plus Mini or Large light dome soft boxes. The versatility of these lights is improved even more with the option of battery power, either with V-Lock or Block batteries, leaving a noisy and polluting generator off the set.

Aputure 600D Pro

Aputure C300DII