Macro Lenses at Genesis Hire

Cinema Macro Lenses

Tokina Cinema AT-X 100mm T2.9 Macro

A true 35mm, full frame 1:1 ratio close up lens, Its close working distance is just 30cm. Its characteristics are super sharp, low distortion and chromatic aberrations. Focus breathing is minimal, and the lens has a 9 bladed curved iris for a circular bokeh.

It’s geared iris and focus rings are ideal for use with follow focus’.

Zeiss CP.2 100mm T2.1 Lens

The Zeiss 100mm Cp.2 Makro-Planar T* lens is designed for full frame sensors. Its characteristics are super sharp, low distortion and high resolution with excellent colour rendition. The lens has a 14 bladed curved Iris that stays consistent over the T-Stop range for a circular bokeh.

It’s cine housing with geared iris and focus rings are ideal for use with follow focus’ and has a close focus of 2′ 6″.

Laowa Macro Lenses

Laowa Probe 24mm 2 X Macro Lens

The Laowa 24mm f/14 2X Macro Probe lens CINE VERSION – in Arri PL mount is the Cine Mod version of the EF mount stills lens, complete with cine gears on the focus and aperture rings, the lens is designed for videography purposes. Its 2:1 ratio is ideal for a “bugs eye view” perspective shots and the close focus of 2cm allows you to get exceptionally close to your subjects. The waterproof LED lit lens front is also useful for putting underwater for shots in tanks or aquatic environments.

The length of the Laowa Probe lens gives a new insight on tiny subjects. From bugs to components, to foods, this lens allows you to get right in next to your subject for a totally different perspective.

Laowa 100mm, 60mm, 25mm & 15mm Macro Lenses

The Laowa 100mm f2.8 2x Ultra Macro lens is one of the world’s first Macro lenses to offer a 2:1 reproduction ratio. It has a 25cm to infinity focus allowing you to move from macro to portrait photography easily. The high quality apochromatic and low dispersion glass elements prevent chromatic aberrations and colour fringing. It has a smooth bokeh and is suitable for full frame cameras.

The 60mm f2.8 Ultra Macro lens focuses to infinity and can range from a 2:1 to a 1:1 reproduction. It’s mostly suitable for objects larger than 1cm with a close-up focus from 6cm. The 14 bladed iris creates a pleasing bokeh and f2.8 aperture creates a nice shallow depth of field.

The 25mm f2.8 2.5 – 5x Macro produces up to a 5x life sized image and is suitable for objects under 1cm in size. Its dedicated to extreme close-up imaging in high detail with a minimum working distance of 4.5cm and focusing distance of 23cm. The 25mm is designed for a full frame sensor but can be cropped for ASP-C sensors creating a 40mm equivalent image.

The 15mm f4 Ultra-Wide macro offers a 110-degree field of view on full frame cameras with a 1:1 reproduction ratio. The super wide aspect and minimum focus distance of 12cm allows you to focus up close and personal with your subject, even to a minimum working distance of just 0.5cm. The 14 bladed iris creates a pleasing circular bokeh.

Laowa 100mm 2x Macro

Lawoa 60mm 2x Macro

Laowa 25mm 2.5 – 5x Macro

Laowa 15mm Macro

Vintage Macro Lenses

Leica R 60mm Macro F2.8

Cine modded with de-clicked aperture & fixed 0.8 pitch focus gears. Modded to Canon EF mount and 80mm front. The Leica R 60mm has a minimum working distance of 15cm with a close focus of 30cm. It can be used with an extension tube to reproduce a 1:1 image but is also great as an all-round lens. The Leica R’s have superb colour rendition and crisp sharpness leaving very little work to do in post.

Leica R 100mm Macro F2.8 with 1:1 extension tube

Cine Modded with de-clicked aperture & focus gear with an 80mm front in Canon EF mount. The lens is 2:1 ratio as standard but can reach a 1:1 magnification with our lens tube. Close Focus improves from 18″ to 15″ with extension tube also.

Zeiss ZF 100mm Makro F2 with 1:1 extension tube

The Classic ZF.2 lenses from ZEISS have enjoyed an outstanding reputation with photographers and cinematographers all over the world for many years now – and rightly so. This lens family is characterized by its classic appearance and high optical performance. This lens is supplied with a custom made 1:1 extension tube to allow it to reach full 1:1 Macro ratio. As standard it will only reach 2:1. Close Focus improves from 18″ to 15″ with extension tube.