The new Sony PXW-FX9 Cameras have now arrived and are ready for hire! The FX9 has a Full Frame 6K dual native ISO sensor, the Sony Venice colour science and Fast hybrid AF.


Following on from the popular FS7 cameras this next generation incorporates the usability features like electronic Variable ND with an upgraded sensor giving you 15+ stops of dynamic range. The back illuminated CMOS sensor incorporates Sony’s EXMOR R Technology for improved sensitivity and noise reduction, compared to a 4K Super 35mm Sensor the FX9’s covers over twice the surface area, providing a wider angle of view and shallower depth of field. With planned firmware updates bringing Full frame DCI 4K up to 60p, Full HD Full Frame up to 180fps and QFHD in S35 mode up to 120fps (with an external recorder) the FX9 is shaping up to be a firm affordable favourite within the industry.

The FX9 has a dual base sensitivity of ISO 800 and 4000 lending itself to the documentary community perfectly, the lower base ideal for brightly lit interiors and the ISO 4000 base ideal for capturing detail in low light  situations such as early morning and evening exteriors. Coupled with the variable ND the FX9 gives its users superior control in variable lighting conditions.


The FX9’s AF mode is much improved, enhanced with Sony’s a series Fast Hybrid AF, the 561-point phase detection technology covers 94% of the image width and 96% of the image height allowing accurate & responsive AF tracking. In addition Face detection intelligently recognises and locks onto human faces within its field of view. You can customise the AF settings to adapt to different shooting styles from 7 levels of transition speeds and 5 levels of subject shift sensitivity ranges. This can be set to locked on one subject, ignoring other moving subjects in the frame to responsive, switching quickly from one object to another such as race cars speeding by the field of view.


  • Full-Frame 6K Sensor
  • Fast Hybrid AF
  • Dual Base ISO
  • Cinematic Colour Science with S-Cinetone
  • Electronic Variable ND Filter
  • 4K 4:2:2 10bit Internal Recording
  • 2 XQD Card Slots
  • XAVC Intra / Long, MPEG HD422 Format