Zeiss Compact Prime 100mm T2.1

Zeiss 100mm Compact Prime Planar T2.1


ZEISS Compact Prime and Zoom lenses feature exquisite optics in a robust,
durable package – two characteristics that will surely remain desirable for
decades to come. And thanks to their interchangeable mounts, Compact Prime
and Zoom lenses offer the possibility to upgrade to any number of existing or
future cine and still cameras while still using the same set of lenses. Additionally,
they all cover a full-frame image format without vignetting.

Focal Length 100mm
Lens Mount PL/ EF
F/T Stop T2.1 to T22
Close Focus 0.7m / 2’6″
Front Diameter 114mm / 4.5″
Weight 1.5 kg / 3.3 lbs
Length 132mm / 5.19″

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