Arri WCU-4 LCS

The ARRI Wireless Compact Unit WCU-4 is a 3-axis wireless hand unit with integrated lens data display. It works with ALEXA Mini and Studio cameras and UMC-4, SMC-1, EMC-1 and AMC-1 motor controllers.

Pricing available on request




Arri WCU-4 Hand Unit

Arri AMC-1 Active Motor Controller

Cmotion/ Arri CForce Mini Motor or Cmotion / Arri CForce Plus Motor (Please let us know what type and how many motors you require on booking)

Arri Motor Cables

Arri EXT Power & Run Cables For Various Cameras (Please let us know what camera you plan to use)

10 x White Focus Rings

Arri WCU-4 Floor Stand

Arri WCU-4 Monitor Bracket

Arri WCU-4 L Bracket

Mini Noga Arm

4 x Sony NP-FM500 Battery

Sony BC-QM1 Battery Charger

8GB Sandisk SDHC Card



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