Cmotion Compact LCS

  • Up to 3 Mini Motors included
  • Lightweight Control Unit
  • Daisy Chain Connection System
  • Run/Stop Control Cables for Main Camera Models
  • Use up to 100m away outdoors and 30m indoors

Price on Application


The cmotion LCS is a great wireless follow focus system that allows you to effortlessly control your iris, zoom and focus controls remotely. The ergonomic hand unit enables you to control three motors independently as well as start or stop your recording through the control until attached to the camera. The motors run at less than 20db making sure you won’t hear them moving when the camera is rolling.

Our Kit Includes:

Cmotion hand unit

3 x Cforce mini motors

Cmotion compact camin

Run cables for Arri, Sony, Canon & RED cameras



5 x Focus marking discs

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