Dedolight 5ft Octodome

Dedolight Panuara Octodome Tungsten/ HMI Light

  • 5’ wide 8 Rod Chimera
  • 1 x 1KW Tungsten head and 1 x 400w HMI head
  • Flicker free ballast for HMI head


An 8 rod Chimera light for producing a large soft source including a HMI and Tungsten head.

Our Kit Includes:

1x 400w HMI Fixture

1 x 1000w Tungsten Fixture

1 x 5ft 8-sided Chimera & Speed Ring

1 x Parachute Diffusion Silk

1 x Large Silk

1 x Medium Silk

1 x Eggcrate

1 x 16amp 5m Extension Cord

1 x 13 amp > 16 amp Jumper


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