Easyrig Minimax w/ Cinema Flex Vest

Easyrig Minimax with Cinema Flex Vest

Minimax Easyrig with Cinema Flex Vest option

The wider shoulder straps of the cinema flex vest are more adjustable and incorporate nine adjustment points, giving users a more snug and secure fit around the hips and shoulders compared with the more basic vest model.

Specifically designed for female operators and people with smaller frames.

Waist size of 70-120cm / 27.5 – 47.2 inches


Cinema Flex Vest Weight – 2.09 kg / 5.1 lbs

Standard Vest Weight – 1.09 kg/ 2.4lbs

Minimax Unit Weight – 2.3kg / 5.1 lbs (without either vest)

Load Capacity – 2 – 7kg/ 4.4 – 15.4 lbs

Suspension Line Weight – 110cm/ 43.3″

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