Eye Direct 16×9 Interview Kit

Teleprompter device for mounting in front of a camera to facilitate the interviewer seeing the face of the presenter rather than a camera lens, to relax a nervous subject.


With minimal setup, the EyeDirect 16×9 can be used by either a camera operator/interviewer duo, or a lone camera operator. The adjustable wing mirror tilts toward the top or bottom for director comfort. It can easily be used on the left or right side of the camera. It uses a high-quality glass 60/40 beam splitter, identical to most teleprompters, the secondary mirror is also glass. The adjustable 22″ sliding baseplate accommodates the balance of most professional cameras and includes a riser for mounting prosumer and still cameras. The opening has a 16×9 ratio field of view (10.25″ x 6.25″) and the lens port diameter is 4″. A rubber donut is included to block stray light around the lens barrel.

This kit also includes an iPad holder for use as a teleprompter


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