Kino Flo Celeb 250 DMX

Kino Flo Celeb 250

Highest powered and most accurate CRI of all the Kino RGB LED Panels

2′ Wide

Battery or Mains Power


The Celeb range sits at the top of the LED market where it sets the standard in colour quality, functionality and build quality. Kino Flo’s new innovative Celeb 250 DMX LED is a soft, cool LED ideally suited for today’s growing demands for energy efficient, portable, yet colour-correct LED lighting. Celeb was developed using the latest technology to conform to Kino Flo’s highest standards – cool, colour-correct, flicker-free and dead quiet, which is what sets the Celeb apart from all other LED’s. Kino Flo’s Celeb 250 LED also comes with standard DMX and wireless DMX (Lumen Radio®), 24VDC input, and universal voltage input 100-240VAC (0.7 Amps at 230V). Kino Flow also recently added new SnapBag Softbox and SnapGrid accessories. The Celeb’s slim profile is lightweight and mounts onto a baby stand or can be hung from a grid with a baby pipe clamp.

As with all Kino Flos, the Celeb’s soft, lustrous colour has been specially formulated to match the spectral distribution curves of HD film and video cameras.  With a high photo rendering index (PRI 95), the Celeb operates coolly and flicker-free, even while dimming, and maintains its True Match® colour temperature without any colour shift. The Celeb is the most controllable LED Softlight in the market. The Celeb 250 has four Menu options, the white Menu, the Gel Menu, RGB Menu and the special effect Menu. Those who prefer to work with white light only can use the “white menu” that gives the user access to Dimming, Kelvin and Green/Magenta control channels. Kelvin range is from 2700K tungsten to 6500K daylight. In the Gel Menu, the Kelvin range travels from 2500K tungsten to 9900K daylight, and Kino Flo has set up a fourth channel called Gel. The Gel channel includes Kino Flo presets such as blue & green screen, sodium vapour, mercury vapour and over 100 well-known lighting gels. In addition, there is also a fifth channel called Hue Angle and sixth channel, Saturation. These two channels behave like a traditional colour wheel, where you have white light in the center, and the Hue angle determines the colour along a 360-degree range, and Saturation determines how much colour is applied. The second colour Menu provides individual red, green, blue (RGB) control. The RGB Menu is a great way to work with apps with predetermined RGB presets or colour wheels. The newly introduced Special Effects Menu gives full access to Kino Flo designed effects like Fire, TV, Police, Paparazzi and many more. In addition, the user can fine tune these effects to his needs and safe them on the preset buttons.

The Celeb offers a full-range dimming from 100-0% without any colour shift. The Celeb has a 160° beam angle and comes with a 90° Honeycomb Louver. The Kino Flo high grade plastic Honeycomb Louver controls and focuses the light which narrows the light spread with minimal light loss. A 60° Honeycomb Louver is included as an accessory. They are designed so that they can be individually mounted. No fans, dead quiet, all passive cooling. For Kino Flo, heat management is a critical design element of fixture design. The physical heat or build-up heat within the LED fixture will directly influence the colour temperature, lumen performance and life of an LED.  The Celeb’s unique design operates coolly, consumes very low energy and is properly ventilated to maintain a stable colour temperature. A well-maintained temperature extends the lumen maintenance, colour temperature and life of an LED. Celeb makes a great tool for rigorous everyday use in any studio environment or on location


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