Laowa 15mm F4 Wide Angle Macro

Laowa 15mm F4 Wide Angle Macro

  • 110° Angle of View
  • +/- 6mm Shift
  • 1:1 Magnification


The Laowa 15mm F4 Wide Angle Macro is a unique step forward in Macro shot composition. Its wide angle feature enable unique compositions, incorporating the subjects surroundings to your 1:1 aspect macro photography. Its full frame coverage and infinity focus coupled with the shift of +/- 6mm allows you to correct distortion for landscape/architectural photography.


Focal length 15mm
F/T Stop F4 to F22
Mount EF
Close Focus 12.2cm / 4.8″
Front Diameter 77mm
Dimensions 84 x 64 mm / 3.3″ x 2.5″
Weight 0.4kg / 0.88 lb

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