Small HD Sidefinder for 500 Series Monitors

The Small HD Sidefinder is a quick and easy way to convert the Small HD 502 Monitor into an onboard viewfinder with the equivalent magnification of a 60 inch TV being viewed from 6.8 feet away.


The Sidefinder gives shooters all the benefits of using a field monitor and an EVF, without compromising speed, agility, or quality of the image. The Sidefinder represents the highest resolution EVF and the highest resolution 5-inch on-camera monitor in one device.

  • A quick adjustable diopter gives you the range of focus needed to clearly see through the eyepiece (-2 to +4)
  • Instantly zoom-in to your image and check critical focus with 2x and 4x magnification via Joystick Zoom.
  • Customizable focus assist and peaking add even more assurance that your shot is in focus.

Our Kit Includes

1 x Small HD Sidefinder

1 x Rubber Eyecup


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