SQN 5S MKII 5 Channel Mixer

SQN 5S MKII Channel Mixer supplied with Sennheiser HD-25 headphones and a Hawk-Woods NP Battery Kit.


The SQN-5S Series II has many new features, including transformerless input and output amplifiers for reduced weight and uninhibited bass, virtually unbreakable analogue level meters, four channels of pre-fade listening, slating microphone, superb limiter, output feed for all five microphone channels and logic processing of most switching giving a minimal length audio path.

There are two separate pairs of electronically balanced output line drivers and two pairs of monitor return inputs (with front panel selection), allowing the use of two cameras or recorders. A simple adaptor cable can be used to provide a second interface to standard SQN cabling. There are also four unbalanced outputs, three on 3.5mm jacks and one on a multi-way connector. One jack is dedicated to mic level. Phones output is on both quarter inch and 3.5mm jacks. Using 8 AA size internal alkaline cells, the SQN-5S easily gets through the working day without reloading, delivering 48V phantom power until the cells are completely exhausted. The quick change battery compartment permits reloading in seconds. External power can be from 6V to 24V dc, positive or negative to ground or floating.

Our Kit Includes

1 x SQN Series 5s MKII Mixer

1 x Rain Cover

1 x Body Brace Harness

1 x Pair of Sennheiser Headphones

1 x NP Battery Adapter

1 x Mini Jack Tails

1 x Umbilical Cord

1 x 5 Pin XLR Tails

1 x Phono Tails

1 x NP Battery Kit (Including 6 x Batts, 1 x Charger, 1 x Mains Lead)

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