TV Logic VFM-058W

The TV-Logic VFM-058W monitor is a small versatile monitor. Most often used as an on board monitor it can be conveniently located for the camera op, focus puller or as a directors monitor with our included Noga Arm and Shoe Mount.


The VFM-058W, the lightweight viewfinder monitor, offers an outstanding picture quality with 5.5” LCD, and Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. Innovative and ergonomic design of VFM-058W makes you comfortable in the shooting environment and its light solid magnesium case achieves the highest efficiency of ventilation. The VFM-058W supports multi-formats including 3G/HD/SD-SDI and HDMI that offers a wide application range from DSLR cameras to Pro camcorder for broadcasting and movie shooting. The VFM-058W has various features such as Max Brightness function, Temperature Adaptive Color, HDMI-to-SDI conversion output, 1:1 pixel mode, Luma(Y’) Zone Check function, DSLR Scale, Waveform, Camera Lut., Arri Camera Metadata, Vectorscope, Range Error, Focus Assist, Markers, Audio Level Meter with speaker and time code display.

Kit includes:

1 x VFM-058W Monitor

2 x  BNC’s or HDMI’s (or both)

3 x Sony NP-F970 batteries

1 x Sony AC-VQ1050 dual battery charger

1 x Noga arm, Nano clamp and shoe mount

1 x Mini 4pin XLR > D-Tap power lead


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