TVLogic LVM-173W- 3G

17 inch TV-Logic LCD Monitor- can be used with BNC and HDMI Connections.

Installed in Operational Flight Case and fitted with V-Lock Battery power plate for portability.


The TV-Logic LVM-173W Monitor is a high end monitor solution, featuring a true 16:9 Aspect Ratio LCD with 12-bit video processing allowing for a faithful reproduction of interlaced video and scaling. This LCD features split screen, useful when monitoring two camera feeds at once as well as Timecode, Waveform, Focus Assist and x3 Zoom.


Kit includes:

1 x LVM-173W- 3G monitor

1 x Monitor hood

2 x 10M BNC’s (or HDMI)

1 x Monitor stand (Low Boy’s are available)

1 x V-Lok power plate

V-Lok battery kit available on request at no extra charge

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