Zeiss ZF 100mm Makro F2

Zeiss 100mm Classic ZF.2 Makro Planar F2

Includes custom 1:1 Macro extension tube


The Classic ZF.2 lenses from ZEISS have enjoyed an outstanding reputation with photographers and cinematographers all over the world for many years now – and rightly so. This lens family is characterized by its classic appearance and high optical performance. Sharing the same Optics as the Compact Prime Lens family but in a smaller Photographic style housing, these lenses are great for low budget productions.
Our Lenses have been modified for Cine work including de-clicked apertures, solid / fixed 0.8 pitch focus gears and Canon EF mount. Focal Lengths 25, 35, 50, 85, 100 & 135mm all have 80mm fronts. The 15mm has 114mm front and the 18 and 21mm have 95mm fronts.

This lens is supplied with a custom made 1:1 extension tube to allow it to reach full 1:1 Macro ratio. As standard it will only reach 2:1. Close Focus improves from 18″ to 15″ with extension tube.

Focal Length 100mm Including Extension
Lens Mount EF EF
F/T Stop F2 to F22 + 1 Stop
Close Focus 0.46m / 18″ 0.38/ 15″
Front Diameter 80mm / 3.15″ 80mm/ 3.15″
Weight 0.7 kg / 1.5 lbs 0.9 kg/ 2 lbs
Length 113mm / 4.5″ 167mm / 6.6″

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